About the collaborators (i.e. geniuses behind Bacon & Rags)

Danielle- our hobo

Being a freelance writer, occasional photographer, habitual storyteller and downright dreamer requires dedication and discipline. Danielle lacks both, however she loves roaming the streets of Curaçao for cute fashion finds, vintage oddities and food. She occasionally ends up writing about it. Sometimes she throws together a stylish outfit or two as well. She’s also perpetually working on her “masterpiece”, being her first novel.

Visit her website http://daniellepalm.wordpress.com for complete writer information or check her out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/daniellepalmcuracao.

Louis- our tech geek

Louis is a self-proclaimed tech geek. Whatever outlandish idea the rest of us came up with, he managed to turn it into a workable addition to the website. He’s also got the nose of a blood hound when it comes to sniffing out those dingy dives with the most delicious food imaginable. It’s also worth mentioning that he drives a hideously huge Nissan Patrol and parks it randomly on curbs and weird angled roadsides with little regard to the rules of gravity or other scientific theories.

Ralph- our eater

Ralph is probably Guy Fieri’s (DDD host) biggest fan this side of the Caribbean. Chief Executive Officer at a company (which shall be left unnamed) by day and an overeater by night, our food reviews would be lacking that DDD flair (or any other kind of flair for that matter) without him. Also, we would most likely be unable to afford so much food if it weren’t for his funding.

Magdalene- the mother superior

Magdalene is the “mother” of the bunch (well, technically she’s only Danielle’s biological mother, but you get that she’s the nag… erhm the disciplinarian) as well as the fashion-photographer-slash-set-designer-slash-magician. She’s also the most critical (whatever you do, do NOT suggest she has obsessive compulsive disorder) and most creative of the lot.

Contact us at: info@bacon-and-rags.com