Burger Bar Curaçao: Just Try It Out And Then Decide

Either our friends and family are the most critical people in the world or the burgers at the recently opened Burger Bar Curaçao, located conveniently in Riffort, vary in taste and quality. We thought the burgers were ok, as long as you know what to order. But don’t take our word for it- go try it out for yourselves and let us know what you think.

In our opinion, people who do not simply love burgers are complete weirdos. Yes, we said it. What’s not to love about a burger? It’s an entire meal (bread, meat and vegetables) you can eat on the go. However, because it is so simple and delicious people can get really fanatical about their burgers, which means that there are rules to be obeyed. Such as, the bun must be a size relative to the patty and ingredients. Too much bun is uncalled for and a sign that the ingredients and patty cannot be trusted to stand alone. A grilled bun with the restaurant logo branded on top means bonus points. The patty is obviously the most essential part. If your patty fails to impress, you’re burger will not stand a chance. The patty must be juicy and cooked to perfection. And please chefs; don’t try to fool us with extra special sauce on the burgers. If your patty sucks, we will notice. A restaurant must offer the regular add-ons at no extra charge and get creative with the add-ons they do charge for.

We loved the location of the Burger Bar. It is located smack in the middle of Riffort and if you are anything like us, you will want to sit there for hours to watch the tourists and locals strut around. Unfortunately, the high bar chairs aren’t comfortable for everyone, so you might want to consider sitting inside if that’s the case for you. We found that the service can be a bit slow, however the servers are friendly and do try to accommodate you as much as they can. Of course, you have to make an effort to place your whole order in advance and don’t try to change it afterwards or order more fries like we did.

We loved that, in addition to the Black Angus patties, you could opt for a regular patty or even a smaller “ladies” sized patty. We ordered a few of each with varying toppings just for comparison. Turns out, your best bet is the regular burger with traditional toppings. The Black Angus beef patty, although juicy and cooked to the right temperature, is bland and does not do its name justice. The regular patty is seasoned well and gives you more bang for you buck. The variety of add-ons is a bit limited- we would have expected more variety from a burger bar- however, you can make do with what they offer. Make sure you include an order of fries- they are crispy and delish and served in a visually pleasing manner. Oh, and the bun is branded with the Burger Bar logo. Bonus points!

Food: 7 – stick to the basic burger

Location: 9 – in Riffort with free parking so what’s not to like?

Service: 6 – faster service would be lovely

Ambiance: 8 – sit for hours and enjoy the foot traffic.