Easter Extravaganza

Forget complicated church calculations. An easy way to determine Easter is to note the first Sunday after Christmas when church congregations are full.  If you’re not religious, Easter is still a great opportunity to dress up and flock together around the brunch table.

Easter is celebrated in the spring, which means lots of bright colours, light fabrics, florals and, for some reason, cupcakes! This year we decided to forgo the standard hotel brunch with the cold cuts, pancakes, roast, omelette and fruit for a home-cooked meal. Danielle slaved away in the kitchen for a practice run of the Easter menu. Later this week we’ll be fighting off our fellow men at the supermarket hoping to cross those ingredients off the grocery list.

But make no mistake: only fools forget the outfit and we’re no fools! We’ve been meaning to pop by Alankar at Vinik Plaza for a while now, but never found ourselves on the right side of the road. And we all know it’s a pain in the bum to cross that part of the Sta. Rosaweg! Last weekend, however, we made a dangerous U-turn in the hopes of scoring that perfect Easter outfit.

There were tons of cute stuff to choose from, so by all means go have a look if you’re still desperate for an outfit. But don’t limit yourself. Consider hitting the low-end shops you can find all over the island. Think of it as an adventure. Trust us, you’ll end up with great finds and, depending on your negotiation skills, you can even walk away with your fave items at a bargain!

(blouse: Alankar- Sta. Rosaweg Ÿ clutch: Alankar- Sta. Rosaweg Ÿ shorts: Jayson’s Carousel- Saliña)