El Hueco – B&R Abroad Medellin (Colombia)

Although this is not a travel piece, Medellin is an interesting city indeed and we can’t help but share our trip with you. The city might not be as big in surface area as expected, but it is big in variety.

We stayed in El Poblado, which is a stone’s throw away from all the must-sees in Medellin. The huge shopping malls with luxury brands- e.g. Santafé, Oviedo and El Tesoro– feel very Miami. But the “typical” and the “local” are just a short cab drive away. Visit Pueblito Paisa for a peek into what a typical Paisa town looks like. Or go very local by venturing out to El Hueco.

Locals fondly refer to the city center as El Hueco. Literally translated it means the hole. And as virgins to the area we felt like Alice following the crazy rabbit into the dark hole. The taxi swerved and swayed its way deeper into the rift, as we shrunk into our seats. When we stepped out of the cab, the driver warned us not to take out our cell phones or cameras, right before he sped off.  But, once we were acclimated, we boldly took out our smart phones to check our emails and we dared to stop and stock up on coffee and provisions. And yes, of course we also bought a dress and shoes!

We love the sequined dress we bought at an unnamed store in the city center. It’s very Latina without the tackiness if you wear it well. And for only 25,000 pesos (about 25 guilders) it’s a steal. For completeness sake, we also roamed about in the malls. We managed to buy some locally made leather shoes as well as a stunning skirt and matching blous. Besides shopping great brands, you can eat local food in the malls (bandeja paisa anyone?!) as well as enjoy the stunning views of Medellin.

We’ll definitely return to this majestic city!

(dress+shoes: unnamed shops in El Hueco Ÿ skirt: Klaris, Santafé Ÿ shirt: Falabella, Santafé)