Fashion is everywhere!

Moving a million miles away, across the vast ocean, from the most cutting edge cities in fashion, Danielle was afraid that she was doomed to forever wear the pieces she managed to buy before she left. She would be known as the girl who went from fashion riches to rags, until she could afford a trip to the US of A. No more H&M (the US branch apparently doesn’t believe in online shops), same week delivery from Asos or vintage pieces from Yoox and other web shops across Europe. But scarier still: no more Portobello Market, the one place of endless inspiration and where her seemingly bottomless money well suddenly magically dried up. After three whole months of island bliss (meaning bikini, shorts and oversized sunglasses) she got the itch for some of that fashion high. Her wandering eye started focussing on some incredible pieces in the most unlikely shops. And oh boy did she scratch that itch! It’s right there and then that she realised that fashion is indeed everywhere, provided you’ve got the eye for it.

Check out her first ever bargain purchase paired with a ribbon belt.

Dress: Cristi’s- Punda

Shoes: La Curaçao- Saliña

Umbrella: Theresa Crafts- Punda.

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