Grand Opening of Royal Dutch Cheesery

At Bacon & Rags, our food groups are: Steak, Burgers, Potatoes and Cheese. We are very serious about our cheese and try to incorporate it in as many meals and in as many varieties as humanly possible. So it’s no surprise that we were super excited when we got invited for an exclusive cheese tasting at the newly opened Royal Dutch Cheesery located in Riffort Village.

Royal Dutch Cheesery, owned by the very charismatic Johan Koppenol, is every cheese aficionado’s dream. You can browse around the recently expanded cheese shop- the the sole reseller of Reypenaer cheese on Curaçao- and, as of 9th of May 2014, you can dig your teeth into meals prepared by Chef Nigel Esveld, where finally cheese gets to plays the central role it deserves. Because let’s be honest, as with bacon, cheese makes everything better.

In connection with the official opening of the restaurant, Bacon & Rags was invited for an exclusive cheese tasting at Riffort. Reypenaer tasting expert Ron Pieters together with Argo from the Wine Factory put together three cheeses paired with white wine, rum and port. The cheeses- two Reypenaers (VSOP matured two years and the XO Reserve three years) and a local goat cheese (matured 4 weeks) made by Eithel Joubert- were beautifully served on a guillotine. Ron Pieters guided us through the tasting process, teaching us the tips and tricks to enjoying a great piece of cheese. It’s easy really: buy great cheese at Royal Dutch Cheesery, ask Ron what you should pair it with (for whiskey lovers: this guy knows a thing or two about whiskeys, so don’t be shy!), thinly slice the cheese, let it melt on your tongue, take a sip of your beverage and let your taste buds feast.

We will be having dinner at Royal Dutch Cheesery and report back on our findings. For more information, visit their Facebook. In the mean time, do schedule a cheese tasting. It’s really worth it!