Hugh & Crye: No Off-The-Rack Pretender

Back by popular demand: the fashion post… with a twist. Many of our readers begged us to make our blog less girly and focus a bit more on the dude’s perspective on life. Being the people pleasers we are, we put Louis and Ralph on the job. They searched high and low (translation for women: they thought about it for 5 minutes over lunch and Louis searched online) and came up with a couple of cool ideas. Stay tuned for those. In the mean time: male fashion!

Louis stumbled upon a great dress shirt brand that has the funniest site on the web. Unlike off-the-rack pretenders, Hugh & Crye’s shirts offer more personalized sizing because they approach fit differently. Yes ladies, men also have issues with finding great fitting clothes. Apparently, off-the-rack shirts from mass brands aren’t designed for the lean or athletically built guy. The guys behind Hugh & Crye understand that most men can be described by body types, such as athletic, skinny, short or tall and they based their sizing system on that. Result: shirts that make men feel awesome and look great.

Louis, being the skeptic that he is, ordered two shirts and (after a little persuasion) a sexy vintage polka dotted necktie. Now he is a convert and will probably order the entire collection if his enthusiasm isn’t expertly curbed. We happened to be in Bonaire, so we scheduled some sappy romantic-on-the-beach-Ralph-Lauren-type of photo shoot.

Jealous about how comfortable he looks in his Hugh & Crye shirt? Check out their website at and start placing that order. The best thing about ordering with these guys? Your invoice comes with a handwritten note. Now, who doesn’t love that?!

(shirts: Hugh & Crye Ÿ board short: La Martina Ÿ watch: WeWood maple wood watch – Out of the Blue, Jan Thiel Beach & Plaza)