Pageant Fashion

Whether you think it’s ridiculous or you are hooked on Toddlers & Tiaras, the truth of the matter is that pageants are here to stay. And why not? It has all the elements to make it a competitive sport: competition, hard work and talent. We’ve met with Miss Curacao Teenager 2013 and the runner-ups. Celine-Marie Oliviera Hugo won the crown, while first runner up Nashaira Balentien took home the title of Miss Renaissance Mall & Rif Fort 2013 and second runner up Megan Trenidad is prepping for Miss Teen Earth International.

The girls are equally beautiful and have their own distinctive look. Style wise they couldn’t have been more different. “I’ve always been a girly girl,” says Celine. “I’m the type of girl who dresses up in a skirt and high heels to go to the movies. My gala dress for the Miss Teenager Universe pageant was blood red and covered in Swarovsky crystals.” Megan, on the other hand, would rather wear shorts and a loose shirt. “I never quite understood girls like Celine who wear high heels to the movies,” she says, smiling at Celine. “Before I competed in the pageant I wore sneakers and I still do. I’m not planning on changing anytime soon,” she says resolutely.

We wouldn’t be Bacon & Rags if we didn’t ask what the girls missed eating most during their severe diet leading up to the finals. Celine is clearly a food junkie and admits to having missed KFC a lot, while Nashaira had to learn to live without pasta. “I love sushi and sushi isn’t fattening, so I didn’t really miss out on much,” Megan says, teasingly.

The girls confessed to love shopping at the Front Row, Grafficos Fashion and Milan Fashion. But we were dying to know which fashion designer these girls admired. Celine says her favourite designer is Kimora Lee Simmons. “I admire her because she doesn’t focus solely on skinny people. Her clothes fit voluptuous people as well. And I love that about her, because bigger people have value too!” Megan nods and adds that her favourite designer is Louis Vuitton. “I especially love the shoes. I might prefer a sporty look, but when it comes to shoes, I am a true freak,” she says.  Nashaira on the other hand, might be the most Bacon & Rags type of the bunch. “I am very down-to-earth. I don’t have a favourite designer. What I enjoy most is heading to a store that I know sells quality clothing. I usually rummage around for great outfits.” And that is something we can all subscribe to.