Pop’s Place

Pop’s Place at Caracasbaai boasts the best local food- no qualifications. The quirky fishermen’s interior, the food truck in the middle of the restaurant- both bar and order window- and ocean front seating gives the whole place an authentic Caribbean feel. We were a little disappointed at first as they were fresh out of red snapper and tutu wasn’t even on the menu. But once we got over that, we decided that the dradu fillet with aros moro seemed like a delicious alternative.

Although we like our fish whole and fried without a batter coating, the fillet was deliciously moist with a thin coating fried to a crisp. We paired the fish with a small salad, a handful of fries, aros moro and fried plantain. Every grain of the aros moro was accounted for and the beans were actually identifiable, unlike other joints where the beans are mushed beyond recognition. The plantains were fried to perfection and complimented every dish on our table. We can safely say that the dish was worth every single calorie. Other than the dradu fillet, we would definitely recommend the sòpi marisko to start.

The service at Pop’s Place is impeccable. Friendly staff memorized the order without difficulty and cleared the table in one go. The food didn’t take too long either, which was surprising as local cuisine usually takes a while to prepare.


Food: 7.5– we’ll definitely return to try out the red snapper

Service: 8.5 – friendly staff; quick service

Ambiance: 8 – very laid back and relaxed

Location: 8– very accessible, great views and near a beach