Restaurant Papa’s: Honest Food

Don’t let their Facebook page fool you- Restaurant Papa’s isn’t coming soon, it’s already here with good, honest food. The restaurant is a great place for a weekday dinner or if your Friday dinner plans suddenly fell through.

The best way to describe the food is Dutch international cuisine. The starters remind us of those cosy cafes in Amsterdam that serve warm rolls with tapenade, garlic butter and jumbo shrimp in garlic. However, the dinner menu also offers local inspired dishes such as fish with creole sauce, a dish inspired by the local stew “karni stoba” as well as “lomito” and the ever so popular lionfish for those who don’t want to part with the usuals. In addition, they also carry specials inspired by pretty much every country in the world. Think Maroccan inspired tabouleh couscous, Italian style seafood risotto or a Portuguese style fish stew Caldeirada- all well worth the extra peek on the chalkboard.  We totally recommend their lamb kebab with tzatiki sauce for a relaxed meal. The dishes are served with a delicious house salad with bacon, red onion, goat cheese with a light vinaigrette and another side dish of choice, such as fried or mashed potatoes.

Although the service left a bit to be desired of, the restaurant’s best feature is perhaps its location. It is located in a beautiful, girly pink building in Pietermaai. Late dinner on a Friday is a great way to start you weekend, as the restaurant is a stone’s throw away from hangouts such as Silver, St. Tropez Ocean Club and Mundo Bizarro.

Food: 7 – it’s down-to-earth and honest food.

Ambiance: 8 – sit outside on the balcony and watch people stroll by while sipping your wine.

Location: 9 – the restaurant is a stone’s throw away from bars.

Service: 5 – the service was slow and we didn’t get our appetizers.