Restaurant Week Curaçao 2014: Fire Grill Café

Restaurant Week as a concept is great and we applaud the organization for putting the time and effort into making it a reality every year. Restaurant Week- if done right- gives regular people like you and me the opportunity to dine at restaurants that are slightly (or a whole lot) over our budget, visit an old favourite or try out the buzz worthy newcomer at a reasonable price. It’s basically a celebration of our culinary scene. It also gives the restaurant a great opportunity to showcase its menu to an audience that might have previously fallen outside of its target market. If the customer is impressed, he or she might be willing to return and try other items on the menu or even bring along a couple of new potential customers.

So logically, you would expect the restaurants to pull out all the stops and present a tasting menu that is off the charts or offer you exactly what they usually serve. Unfortunately, last year we were disappointed that not all restaurants tried to wow us. Our favourite hangouts all of a sudden compromised on quality or didn’t do their menu justice by serving those dishes on the regular menu that weren’t popular for a reason.

The good news is that some actually understand the concept. One of those restaurants is Fire Grill Café located at S.B.N. van Staverenweg 6. For those who were around in the 90s, it’s where Cactus Club used to be located. Although the look and feel of Fire Grill Café is reminiscent of Cactus Club, the recently opened restaurant focusses on a different concept. We were especially impressed by the service, considering the fact that the restaurant hasn’t been officially opened yet. The portions were generous and gave us a fairly good idea of what to expect of their regular menu. We’ve even learned that their wings are not deep fried, but barbequed. Now that sort of ingenuity makes our hearts pump a little bit faster.

Definitely book a table at Fire Grill Café for Restaurant Week. Start with the Fire Grill Sampler if you want an idea of what snacks you can order if you’re planning on watching the World Cup there. Both the main courses are great, although if you love the leaner USDA Prime dry aged meats you might want to curb that enthusiasm a bit, but totally go for it if Argentinian-style (tougher) meats are your thing. And dessert, well that’s a no-brainer if you ask us: brownie with vanilla ice cream all the way!

Fire Grill Cafe Curacao Restaurantweek 2014 - Bacon & Rags -5

We will be returning to check out their regular menu soon. In the meantime, enjoy Restaurant Week and let us know which menus you loved and which menus you hated. Check out our review of Osteria Rosso, Athiri and El Mexicano if you’re planning to head there this week.