Restaurant Week October 2014: Fire Grill Café

Restaurant Week has begun and it is almost a Bacon & Rags tradition to kick-off each Restaurant Week with a visit to Fire Grill Café (click here for our previous visit). Perhaps it’s the way the waiters and hostesses are always ready to serve or the way one of the owners, Keith, is always passionately telling us about the big and small improvements made to the menu and the restaurant. Or perhaps that the playlist matches ours: Hotel California? Yes, please! Maybe it has something to do with all the fire. We might never know.

This Restaurant Week’s menu is perfect for people who have trouble deciding on what to order. Fire Grill Café has combined the original two appetizers into one: a small mug of spicy lobster bisque and a side of salad. The bisque is indeed rich and creamy, which means that you either love it or you don’t. The salad was nothing too out of the ordinary. Greens, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms tossed in a honey garlic vinaigrette and topped with parmesan cheese. The ingredients were fresh, although the mushrooms could use some sautéing. If you love your salad drenched in dressing, you might want to ask them to be a bit more generous with the dressing.

For the main course we would definitely recommend the prime rib. It is a decent sized piece of Angus beef grilled to order by Chef Johnathan. Although the menu recommends ‘medium’, we would suggest ‘medium rare’. By the time they serve the meat, it will be cooked to a nice medium. The meat pairs well with the Cajun potato wedges. It’s too bad the ‘chimichuri’ sauce was made fresh that day, not allowing for the ingredients to marinate as they should. If you don’t like meat, the grilled swordfish is a good alternative. Make sure you indicate the temperature, because it is served on the ‘medium well’ side. Although the fish steak will still be juicy, it’s a little too dry and flaky for our tastes. Unfortunately, the fish steak isn’t too flavourful on its own. Try dipping it in the sauce for an ok dish or eat it with the pineapple chunks for a tropical feast in your mouth.

Dessert? Delish home-made apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. One word: yummm!

For those dining out for a special occasion, ask about the wine pairings at Fire Grill Café. We’ve heard the Pink Moscato is a great alternative for non-wine drinkers (do those still exist?!) and we were surprised to hear that the red wine Mapu is a Baron Philippe De Rothschild. We should definitely try the regular menu. Perhaps Burger Night on Monday’s. Enjoy Restaurant Week and let us know which restaurants you loved.