Sabor di Playa Westpunt: Fresh Ingredients and Soul

Curaçao’s signature flavour is equal parts fresh ingredients and soul, found in the dishes from the window at Sabor di Playa in Westpunt. Although it is only open on Sundays for lunch, it can be a bit of a wait and driving directions are required; it is most certainly the place to be for people seeking culinary adventure.

The menu features all the traditional dishes such as stewed goat and fried snapper or any local fish caught fresh. But for the ones seeking a little bit more excitement in their lives, we would recommend the stewed kolebra (eel), kari-kari (tender shark meat) or the stewed rabbit.

All dishes are seasoned to perfection and served with a traditional side dish of choice, such as rice, bread or funchi. However, it’s best not to head there with high expectations. As everything is made fresh, some of the dishes on the menu might not be available throughout the lunch service. Just try to spot those young children delivering fresh fish and choose that. We promise, all the dishes are equally delicious.

Wash everything down with typical local juices, such as lemonade or tamarind juice. Choose from a variety of sweets made locally- our favourite is definitely tentalaria– to finish the perfect meal.

So, you might be wondering how to actually get there. Fairly easy- head in the general direction of Jaanchie’s (locals and tourist alike know where it is), then continue on the road going slightly downhill. At the intersection, don’t turn left to go back up hill. Instead, make a right onto a narrow lane lined on both sides with overarching manzaliña trees. At the end of the road, on your left hand side, you will find the small establishment that is Sabor di Playa Westpunt. You know you’re there by the gathering of cars and people. And if you’re lucky, you can buy fresh honey from the lady selling fruits, vegetables (and of course) honey from her pick-up truck.


Food: 9- it’s not your typical lunch.

Service: 5- we waited for 2 hours, no joke! Just relax….

Ambiance: 7- it’s a tin roof and plastic chairs, but the vibe is great.

Location: 6- it’s easy to find…once you know where you’re headed