Vegas 360 Curaçao Bar & Lounge

We’ve known about Vegas 360 for a while now. In fact, before it was even opened Danielle’s friend sent her an email raving about a new cocktail bar that would be opening soon on the island. “Vegas 360. Make friends with bartender Kevin”, she said. We haven’t swung by the place until last January, but we’re glad we did. It has become our go-to place for impromptu weeknight drinks.

Vegas 360 is located above the Dolfijn FM radio station and is easy to locate. The first time we went (and every time after that) a friendly host greeted us and we finally met bartender Kevin. Kevin turned out to be this jazzy dressed, fully friendly, helpful and skilled bar tender. His colleagues are amazing too. A friend of ours remembers one of the guys from Elit in Rotterdam. Needless to say, we immediately took a liking to the friendly gentleman as well.

We’ve tried several cocktails. The Caribbean Crusta, with its Clementine Terre Caribe, apple syrup, lemonade juice, Grand Marnier and barrel-aged bitters was a little too sour for our taste. We expected a liquid slice of apple pie, but got something else entirely. The Pornstar Martini with a hint of passion fruit is sweet and delicious, especially if your bar tender fixes his heart on it. We haven’t had a chance to taste all the drinks, however our ultimate favourite is the Waikiki Hammock. It comes in a cute Tiki mug- not those huge ones that scare you into alcoholism- topped with a headdress of pineapple branches. With Flor de Caña (8 years), pineapple juice, cream of coconut, Cointreau and absinth it is every bit the grown up version of the classic Piña Colada they promised.

The cocktails are reasonably priced starting at Nafls 12,50 and sometimes they have even more affordable prices. Check out their Facebook page for special drinks and keep up to date with the parties they are hosting. Parties are nice, but our favourite time to visit is still on a weekday, when it is quiet and we can get Kevin’s undivided attention.


Cocktails: 9 – best Piña Colada on the island

Service: 8 – friendly & knowledgeable staff

Ambiance: 7 – kind of ordinary, maybe extraordinary after the construction

Location: 7 – due to construction