Vesuvius: An Eruption Of Flavour

In our opinion, service goes beyond getting the food on the table as quickly as possible. And although great food is a must, what makes a restaurant stand out is the service and the warmth of the people providing the service. Vesuvius Café & Restaurant has freshly prepared food and the friendliest owner ever.

Vesuvius is centrally located in a small mall at Dr. M.J. Hugenholtzweg, owned and managed by restaurateur Kong Lam. A fun fact is that he is the son of one of the original cooks of the local Chinese restaurant Lam Yuen in Saliña. Vesuvius and Lam Yuen are both restaurants and the resemblance between the two ends there. The food at Vesuvius is best described as contemporary. They serve everything, from a well-executed classic shrimp cocktail, to steak and paella. The food is made from scratch using only fresh ingredients and served with a big smile by Lam himself (if you are lucky like us).

Within the B&R’s team we have a huge debate about American style vs. Argentinian style steak, however I think both opposing parties would agree that the steak at Vesuvius is pretty decent. It was cooked to our liking, seasoned just right and served with a plump baked potato. We also tried the seafood platter, which included medium-rare salmon fillet, generously topped with fruits de mer, and it was delish. The French fries were served hot and crispy. For dessert lovers, the cheesecake is a fail save way to end your meal on a high note. Home-made of course.

Currently, the place is tastefully decorated, but very minimalistic, which we love. However, a little birdie told us that Lam has many great ideas to make the place even more appealing to its customers. We have a feeling we will be returning to Vesuvius for a follow-up meal soon. Oh, in case you were wondering, Vesuvius caters too.

Food: 8 – surprisingly good

Location: 7 – centrally located, but still be on the lookout

Service: 9 – awesome!

Ambiance: 7 – a little birdie told us they’re sprucing up the place soon