We See Yellow

A maxi dress is simply a must have in a tropical wardrobe. The ones to look out for are those that are light, airy and snug in all the right places. Last December we attended an Elisa Lejeuz fashion show. Elisa started out as a textile designer before she started dabbling in fashion. It obviously paid off, because her fabrics are stunning! We were especially impressed by the great cuts and neon accents on her maxi dresses. Danielle wanted one so bad that she set out to find out who Elisa was and, more importantly, where she could buy Elisa’s stuff. After haranguing the stage manager and an email or two, Danielle received the disappointing news that Elisa was only selling on the Aruban market, but that she should look out for the collection in stores on Curaçao soon.

As instant gratification is Danielle’s game (who in goodness name has more patience?), we started looking around for alternatives. Danielle was in maxi dress limbo, until she found the perfect one at Bling Bling- a light and flowy yellow perfection. After some adjustments it also hugged all the right curves.

(dress: Bling Bling, Punda Ÿ hat: Sai-Impex Ÿ shoes: Primark)