If you are into some serious casual dining (we mean just-back-from-the-beach-bikini-and-board-shorts type of casual) and you happen to find yourself on the beautiful island of Aruba, we recommend you get your suntanned self to Zeerover in Savaneta.

Savaneta is a fisherman’s village in southwest Aruba and home to several fabulous dining establishments. Zeerover isn’t hard to find either. Just head south on the road to the airport, continue for about ten minutes (you should spot a Domino’s Pizza on your left) and Zeerover is located on the right hand side. Easy peasy.

Zeerover is a cross between a seafood market and a restaurant. The catch of the day is delivered fresh on one side of the pier, while the food is being deep-fried on the other side. Immediately after you enter the place, head to the booth to order. The place is very popular, so avoid long lines by postponing your lunch or dinner for an hour or so. Make sure you check the whiteboard for whatever is fresh that day. We ordered Wahoo (or dradu) and half a pound of shrimps. The selection of side dishes is very traditional for the Caribbean, including fried plantains and fries. However, if you want a more Aruban twist, order the pan bati- a type of Aruban pancake that complements the fried food perfectly.

Once you’ve received your order number on a huge piece of wood, head to the drinks counter before you proceed to the dining area. The dining area is filled with long tables, however there are also a couple of tables on the far end of the pier where you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean. The food is served quick and in large plastic baskets. If you don’t like sharing or touching your food, this is not the place for you. Along with the food, plastic plates and a plastic fork are brought and everyone is left to dig in. The food is fried to perfection- crisp on the outside and deliciously moist on the inside. You can really taste the freshness.

At Zeerover the prices are affordable (about $50 for 4 people), service is quick (we received our food within a couple of minutes) and the view is breath-taking. Just don’t expect a fancy place with servers catering to your every whim.

Food- 9 you can’t get fresher food on the island

Service- it’s a self-serve place, but the food is delivered quickly

Ambiance- 8 it’s a great place to wind down after a morning at the beach

Locations- 8 very easy to find